Ryokan Haradaya

Founded in 1888, We are the oldest ryokan in the city of tokamachi.
Ryokan used to be called Hatagoya at the time we opened.
we welcoming you with good old look of Hatagoya.



Welcome to Haradaya.
I hope you enjoy your stay.


Address and contact

yFormal namez
yPostal code numberz

Haradaya Ryokan
5-chome, Honcho, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata-ken


yParking spacez

yNumber of roomz
yBanquet roomz

yCheck inz
yCheck outz

By the National route 117
(In front of tha house entrance)

30 guests/naight (50 guests maximum by room sharing)
9 (all japanese rooms) with refrigerator and TV
For 15 people (30 maximum)
Available for business meeting and party of any
@4:00 pm.
@10:00 am.

Look of Harada-ya around 1912


Look of Harada-ya around 1950's


Traditional Japanese style inn in rich
nature of Echigo-Tsumari with same old hospitality

Direct parking from National route, onry 5min. walk from Tokamachi train station
Not only providing you convertible overnight stay for any occasions, we serve you with close
communication for responding your needs. We aer hoping you to enjoy our family atmosphere.



Entrance with antique signboard

Semi-westem style room


Relaxing japanese room (with veranda)


Alcove in Japanese room


Hall on second floor, 9 rooms in total

Dining room (for breakfast service only)


Multipurpose room (25 Tatami-mats)

Bathroom (available 24 hours)

Amenity @

@The one which gets ready at the room

E Green tea ( Water )@E The towel @E The bath towel @E The toothbrush @
E The yukata @E In front of Aka ( The winter season )

@The one which can get ready at the front

E The dryer @E The whisk @E The iron @E The trouser press @E The shaving @@
The instant coffee
E The battery charger@E The rental cycle ( Free of charge )
E The electric foot warmer ( The winter season )


@The one which gets ready at the bathroom

E The body soap @E The shampoo @E The rinse @E The soap


We request a hotel rate in cash.

Japanese rooms
With two meals
( dinner and breakfast )

8 C1 ‚O‚OYEN ( including tax )
With dinner 7 C1 ‚O‚OYEN ( including tax )
With breakfast
‚UC7 ‚O‚OYEN ( including tax )
Without meal
5 C‚U‚O‚OYEN ( including tax)

We respond your budget. Please ask for details.

Guest rooms
Japanese rooms
Tsuki (Moon)
Yuki (Snow)

6 Tatami mat size for 1 or 2 person
Japanese rooms
Shungetsu (Spring moon)
Sou-un , Seiryou , Hatukari

6 Tatami mat room for 1 or 2 person
Japanese rooms
Hagi 14 and half Tatami mat room (two rooms connected in one)
4 or 5 person


Phone 025-752-2121 Fax 025-757-4460

For reservation,please contact by phone,fax or e-mail

Your reservation will be confirmed by responding mair from us.
Will contact in case of full of
reservation also

In this palace, it is sending e-mail for the confirmation certainly within 2 days, but it doesn't
enter a reception folder when the reply reaches hand of the customer, and it is divided and it has sometimes entered another folder.
Well, on the ascertaining, we request confirmation, being good.


Serving you famous Koshihikari
rice of the region
local distilled Sake and country cooking with seasonal ingredient


You can enjoy different menu on each day.
We respond to your preference on your meals.

Please send your opinion to this web site when you have any.
We will reflect your voice for improvement.


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